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Compatibility Template list

614cooker , January 14 2022, 21:45
614cooker 3
January 14 2022, 21:45 #397754
It has been bugging me trying to find the right template for my website, I have tried multiple templates and each time I end up with issues, So I thought maybe others are having issues as well or have done so in the past. So if its ok with the Chrono Team can we make this post a list of compatible joomla templates which work with and without issues on Chronoforums. It would of saved me alot of time and money if I had known the template I used which I redesigned, changed all color schemes and designed my website around the template to find it is completely useless if I wanted a forum which never crossed my mind at the time.
So let me start the list off, I can tell you Helix 3 and Helix Ultimate is useless for both Chronoforums and Kunena still looking for a template which does work, I was thinking on using Purity III but want to see if anyone else has or is using it and to see if issues exist with it.