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Email Action Not working

gteigland , November 29 2021, 12:12
gteigland 18
November 29 2021, 12:12 #397487
I have tested this form with the settings behavior to send an email with the form content and it works fine. However after I remove it so I can add the email action on a page (so I can use the option to attach a pdf) - it does not work. Check my screenshot for the setup.
Also import to note that my file path for storing, viewing and downloading the TCPDF is working I just can't send the email for the form submission data.
gteigland 18
December 01 2021, 11:52 #397496
Just bumping this topic - hoping to get a little support on this with the paid plugin. Thanks so much as I would greatly appreciate it.
GreyHead 65
December 01 2021, 12:51 #397498
Hi gteigland,
I'm not very familiar with CFv7 but it sounds to me as if maybe ChronoForms loses control with the creation of the PDF file. Does it all work if you swap the actions over (except then you presumably can't link the PDF in the emails)?
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
gteigland 18
December 03 2021, 17:13 #397505
Note to others- DO NOT import chronoforms6 forms into chronoforms7. While the option is there - its buggy. I tried to transfer over a very long form and that is what caused all these issues. I had to rebuild from scratch.