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The reload or Call ajax don't rechange the content in area repeater - Response Content -> REPLACE ​NODE -> dont work (in repeater) ​

economyweb , November 25 2021, 14:11
economyweb 62
November 25 2021, 14:11 #397477
I have a Modal with a repeater area.
This modal open and show different lines depending a field_value.
The read data is in a form (reload)
This read data has a where condition {data:field_value}
The first time open modal with lines perfectly
After always show the same lines.
I have proved with reload and ajax.
The read data read and filter perfectly the lines to show.
Using Call Ajax:
Options: replace and update node only show ok the first time. The next times show the same of fist time.
Options: Append or preppend node --- add the lines to the repeater... add all lines readed every "call ajax" to the repeater.
My conclusion: Response Content -> REPLACE NODE -> dont work