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table list EDIT using link in all row

economyweb , November 03 2021, 16:13
economyweb 63
November 03 2021, 16:13 #397341
Hello everybody,
Is there any possibility, using chronoforms, to put a LINK to edit a record at all the row?
For the moment using "text Node" is unique possible link text "EDIT"
Colnem 436
November 08 2021, 07:55 #397362
May be you have to use "Special field" in your read data to build a complete row with any fields...
shahabpk 96
November 16 2021, 16:49 #397408
There is a chronoform v7 demo called " Basic Artcle List " which has edit link in every row of records. please go through it and try to modify it yourself.