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Reply email with different attachments depending of dropdown choice

damconsulting , October 27 2021, 15:28
damconsulting 32
October 27 2021, 15:28 #397300
Hi, I've a CF6 form in which user can choose a value from a dropdown field.
I'd like to send a reply email to him (on submit) with a pdf attachment depending of the choice in the dropdown.
I try to explain better:
- Dropdown -> Please select the product you need documentation -> "Epson Scanner"
- Submit action -> Send an email with "epson_scanner.pdf" to user.
And so on.
Any idea?
Thank you.
GreyHead 65
October 28 2021, 09:08 #397306
You will need to use some custom PHP to create a form variable with the appropriate file path then you can add that in the Attachment box of the email action.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
damconsulting 32
October 28 2021, 09:10 #397308
Ok, thank you.
I will try.