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Internet Explorer bug

thepezguy , September 04 2008, 23:02
thepezguy 2
September 04 2008, 23:02 #12640
Hey there not sure if this is a bug or not but when visiting my site using ie7 I get a small bit of code that shows up in the top left corner that looks like this,

This wasn't there before I installed the component and plugin. Any help on how to remove this would be great! This doesn't show up using firefox or chrome just ie7. I would like to get the license if this works out! Thanks much
admin 32
September 05 2008, 03:59 #12653
Hi thepezguy,

Bug fixed, we are releasing a new version in a few hours with all issues discovered fixed and Captcha + BBCode + Admin filtering for data, please hold on and get the whole package at once, the upgrade will be overwriting files only!


thepezguy 2
September 05 2008, 04:19 #12655
Thanks Max! Once I realized this site was having the same problem I figured you already knew about it. Thanks for the quick reply. Im looking forward to the next update. Thanks a million!
admin 32
September 06 2008, 23:23 #12758
New version released with important features/fixes and this fix of course