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Calculate a quota

FrankH , September 10 2021, 09:31
FrankH 16
September 10 2021, 09:31 #397065
I have a table showing statistics. I figured out two numbers. Now I want to add the quota to the table. How can I calculate the quota:
Number of games: 12
Wins: 6
Quota: "Wins" / "Number of Games" = 0.5
I have:
Number of Games: Read Data: {maca}
Wins: Read Data: {macg}
How can I calculate the quota? {Quota} = {maca} / {macg}
Data Builder 2?
Can I use a function or a view?
webbusteruk 186
November 22 2021, 00:39 #397439
I generally do all my calculations using PHP. You can code in PHP in either function (PHP) or view (HTML).