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How to print at specifi places

peaceandlove 4
August 25 2021, 09:21 #396976
OK, My needs is I want to print some data on some predefined forms, you can say I want to print a Bank check.

How can i do that,

I know i had to define some filed like

Amount in words

Now, after filling the above fields user had to click the print button and check will be print, now my confusion is

How can i print the above fields in specific locatins, as check has some predefined positions, so how can i take that data from the filed and print to the specifi positions only?
Also Not sure if i had to first save record then retrive it on same page and i had to print or i can directlry print it
I would prefer if i able to save some fileds and some filed auto filled, like date ?
peaceandlove 4
August 25 2021, 09:24 #396977
I want some more fileds that can be auto picked from database, but i just pick a very simple example of bank check as every body knows it, like i want to pick a name , phone number and some other profile directorly from database etc, too but my first my main concern is how to print on click of button
GreyHead 65
August 25 2021, 17:53 #396983
Hi peaceandlove,
Printing is dependant on the user as printers and their requirements can vary widely. What you can do is to create a printable page and display that either as a PDF using the TCPDF library, or as a web-page using HTML to create the layout - see this StackOverFlow page for suggestions on creating printable HTML.
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