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Required field in multiple choice, how does it work?

Alistair , June 15 2021, 07:23
Alistair 161
June 15 2021, 07:23 #396679
After lots of testing there is a bug or conflict or don't know what, that only allows the form to be sent if all the fields are filled in, even if they're set as not required.
To temporarily bypass this I can set all fields as required, the problem I'm having is with the multiple choice fields, if I set "required" on a 4-choice radio field, when only one field is chosen the form can't be submitted, as all the fields need to be selected because apparently they're all required (which defeats the point of having a choice field).
healyhatman 9
June 17 2021, 03:03 #396701
Try minCount[1] or something along those lines instead, if there's custom validation
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