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CF6 Not Validating

jfreak53 , June 14 2021, 19:40
jfreak53 22
June 14 2021, 19:40 #396676
When I try to use my global validation key on any of the domains in my account it gives me this error:
But if I use the "optional" serial number, supposed to be optional, it works. I have port 443 and 80 outgoing open on all my servers, so not sure why it wouldn't be able to validate.
It's kind of crazy that in 2021 I have to re-validate all my domains every year when I renew my license, it's so simple to create a serial number validation system that checks if the license is active instead of having to re-validate every year. I'd expect that by now CF would do that.
GreyHead 65
June 15 2021, 09:21 #396683
Hi jfreak53,
The error probably means that you have a security setting on your host that prevents the remote connection to this site to validate the key. I don't now what that setting might be :-(
Please make your suggestions about renewals directly to Max - the owner and developer - using the Contact form above.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
jfreak53 22
June 15 2021, 12:58 #396687
I've disabled the firewall and tried again, same issue.
jfreak53 22
June 24 2021, 16:36 #396736
So not firewall, that has been disabled and it's still doing that. Any thoughts at all?