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Example forms - Chronoforms6

laurenceaa , June 01 2021, 23:49
laurenceaa 9
June 01 2021, 23:49 #396600
Hello everybody.
I'm new to using Chronoforms6. I would like help with form templates ready to see learn the configuration.
GreyHead 65
June 02 2021, 10:41 #396603
Hi laurenceaa,
If you click on the New tab there is a Demo Form option that will show you a list of about 20 demo forms you can learn from and use.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
laurenceaa 9
June 03 2021, 17:28 #396609
I studied these examples, but I'm trying some more elaborate ones, with registration, queries and database changes.

Thank you for your help.