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Dynamic load container based on conditions

Elitakey 370
May 23 2021, 08:30 #396546
Hello to all CF6 CF7 guru;
How to create a dynamic load based on conditions?
I have a form that checks reserved dates for the cottage rent.
The scenario is as follows:
1. Client chooses the date desired - from/to;
2. press the button to check if the dates are available;
3. if dates are available, information shows the price, days, etc;
4. if the dates are already reserved; information message opens.
I have been able to create everything mentioned above; EXCEPT of following -
Cannot figure out how to show different containers with custom code based on conditions.
Can I add the If condition check to Action Custom code? If yes; whats the correct syntax; if not; how can I perform the if check to show different containers dynamically based on conditions?
Could someone provide me with the solution?
Currently the form is in CF6. I can switch to CF7 if there is better solution for that.
Thank you in advance -