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Validation issue

Kryzis , May 22 2021, 21:48
Kryzis 2
May 22 2021, 21:48 #396541
I maked a website with ChronoForms V6 to manage my forms. I bought the key because I have a form that gets more than 15 fields.
I validated my ChonoForms V6 on Mozilla browser.
The issue I have it's that, the error message "One element is not displayed on the fronted because the extension is not validated." still appears on other browsers (Chrome) and on the browsers of some visitors who get on the website.
But when I active ChronoForms on that browser, I don't get more that issue.
Could you please help me. I don't understand what is happening.
kind regards.
admin 33
May 23 2021, 07:25 #396543
Please send any questions regarding validation using the Contact form, we can not discuss any issues regarding this on the public forums!
The validation is not browser related, it may be your website cache!
Kryzis 2
May 24 2021, 10:20 #396548