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Create link to edit form with Connectivity App

momentis , May 20 2021, 13:33
momentis 471
May 20 2021, 13:33 #396532
I am attempting to create a Connectivity listing using CFv7. I can see how to read data from a table and produce a front-end listing. How would I go about making one of the listed fields a link to a form, opening the associated record, for viewing/editing?
momentis 471
June 02 2021, 19:50 #396605
Can anyone help with this?
Pigna 63
July 22 2021, 13:12 #396871
I've solved using a copy form of my original form, than create a new page (and put it like first page) with the listing like in connectivity (but more easy to do).
Than i create a column with the link (button with link element or simply a link) to the page for viewing and another column with the link to editing. Both passing the cf_id by url.
In the view page I put the code custom html elment with my html/php code for reading the element with the same cf_id.
In the edit page there his the edit form for editing the element with the same cf_id.