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Edit records

PeekPoke , May 17 2021, 19:46
PeekPoke 41
May 17 2021, 19:46 #396492
Is there any instruction, if I enter records via form (database), to call them again and again in the form to change them?
Thank you very much
GreyHead 65
May 18 2021, 09:17 #396498
Hi PeekPoke,
You can use a Data Read action to reload records into a form - but you will need some way, typically the record id, to identify the record to be edited.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
PeekPoke 41
May 18 2021, 10:12 #396502
Thank you very much GreyHead, I will test it the days.
... and thank you again and again also for your fantastic work!