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ChronoG3_Plg throwing errors with RegularLabs extensions

momentis , May 04 2021, 14:50
momentis 439
May 04 2021, 14:50 #396357
I just switched over to CFv7 (have still been using v5). Now, all extensions from RegularLabs (Articles Anywhere, Modules Anywhere) throw a "Class 'GApp3' not found" error, rendering them unusable. The developer does not use that, and I found that disabling the ChronoG3_Plg plugin rectifies the issue.
Is there a problem with the plugin? I have been using RegularLabs extensions for years and have never found an incompatibility.
I need to begin using CFv7 to keep up with the times, but I need the RL extensions as well.
Any thoughts on this?