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Joomla 4?

jj135 , February 15 2021, 16:13
jj135 567
February 15 2021, 16:13 #395957
Is CF 7 going to be available for Joomla 4?
admin 33
February 20 2021, 13:54 #395992
Yes, this is on the todo list, once Joomla 4 gets a late RC release
Tomelly 4
July 22 2021, 14:27 #396872
Hello Max,

I pick up this topic again, because unfortunately I did not find more information in the forum or on the site.
Joomla 4 has already been released as RC4, the stable version should be released in August.
Can you already estimate when there will be a Chronoforms version for Joomla 4?

Thanks a lot
webbusteruk 159
August 04 2021, 22:40 #396904
Bump topic.
Joomla 4 now has a set launch date on August 17th. Will Chronoforms and Chronoconnectivity be compatible with Joomla 4?
GreyHead 65
August 05 2021, 10:50 #396907
Max - the owner and developer - has been tied up with some personal issues (not related to ChronoForms as far as I know) for the last couple of months. As soon as he is freed up I expect that he will work on a Joomla 4 update.
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
artsapiens 104
September 01 2021, 19:46 #397026
Bump. J4 is already updating to 4.0.2 and so on. Any news on your project?
PaulSandman 16
September 06 2021, 07:22 #397037
Will Chronoforms v6 work on Joomla 4? I have many .cf6bak working forms. I have a working credit card authorization form that allows one to upload pictures of both front & back of a credit card as well as a drivers license and after a checkbox (agreement) a signature pad that creates a .png and it saves that too. I have been working with v6 for quite some time and now this!
[h2]Pre-Update Check for Joomla 3.10.1[/h2]
This has me worried.... Whatever shall I do? Will a new license for v7 allow me to "Restore" v6 forms in v7? Will functionality be lost? I have turned to you for years because I consider you the experts on forms in Joomla. I'll buy more Chronoforms v6 elastic if v6 works on Joomla 4 as I must be reminded from time to time, I'm not only poor, I'm poorly educated.

Thank you Max & Bob for Everything.
artsapiens 104
September 06 2021, 07:44 #397038
I'm pretty much sure that any v6 form a bit more complicated than "simple email contact form" will NOT work in v7.
I have VERY complicated forms (hundreds of elements, both UI and actions) that implement quite complicated functions on my sites and I'm not even planning to ever update them to v7. Actually I'm planning to rewrite it from the ground to avoid using ChronoForms or any other plugin altogether.
Unfortunately, this plugin has endless list if bugs and errors, poorest possible documentation that leads to hours and hours of trials-and-errors and tinkering again and again. And then new php version comes and all these become obsolete and no updates with any fixes from plugin authors. Sorry, this is not the way paid plugin supposed to work and be supported.
September 11 2021, 09:29 #397068
sorry about your problems that are slowing down the maintenance of your products. I hope they will be solved soon in the best way.
At the moment I am delaying the update to 3.10.0, 3.10.1 to avoid interrupting the service, it would be very useful to have your indications and best practices to be put in place if before your release of the new versions of chronoform and chronoconnectivity should be discovered a new joomla 3.9.x vulnerability.
FuzMic 61
September 11 2021, 14:30 #397069
Hi Bob
Will there be any chance that CF v5 be updated to Joomla 4. Keeping my fingers crossed.
I am running Joomla 4, it is clearly defined but many extensions are not ready.
mobri2a 19
September 11 2021, 21:13 #397070
I'd love to see an update on this, including an ETA on PHP 8 and Joomla 4 compatibility.
get_magic_quotes_gpc has been on the path to deprecation since PHP 5.4.0, was deprecated in 7.4.0, and removed in 8.0. Every other Joomla package on my server intelligently checks that it's defined, or that PHP is < 5.4.0 before calling it...except Chronoforms. PHP 7.3.9 is dead on its feet and we need to upgrade to PHP 8 like yesterday. And Joomla is nudging us to Joomla 4.
libraries/cegcore2/gcloader.php uses this deprecated call and it breaks the entire site. We can remove Chronoforms and have a working site, but without forms.
Sorry about Max's problems. Please get us an ETA on PHP 8 and Joomla 4 compatibility. It's urgent.
PaulSandman 16
September 17 2021, 08:35 #397094
Will the lead developer return?
Elitakey 333
September 17 2021, 08:36 #397095
Sorry to hear about Max, sending you the best and hoping you will be able start working soon. However, this do makes me worry since I have MANY various DB sistems created based on CF6 and CCv6 - should I abandon CF and search for another compenent? I have a large project ahead...
It is URGENT, please, update us on the progress.