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Is there anybody out there? - So many questions PLEASE HELP!

SwingeyP , January 18 2021, 13:43
SwingeyP 46
January 18 2021, 13:43 #395695
I have a form of mainly text fields and a calendar entry.
I want to spit this data into an 'EXTERNAL' database.
I have a database 'Data' with some tables 'SiteDetails'
I have managed to get a database connection working and can see the tables in 'Database Connection 1'
I have put the 'Save Data' action in the actions area for the field.
Now comes my questions:
How does the 'Save Data' know what fields map to what database field?
If I run the form and sbmit it all seems to go OK but the table fields in the database aren't being populated. They're just blank.
Can someone PLEASE help me get this working?
GreyHead 65
January 18 2021, 14:30 #395697
Hi SwingeyP,
Basically the names of the CF data entries need to be the same as the corresponding columns in the database table.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
SwingeyP 46
January 18 2021, 15:45 #395699
Thanks Bob. I shold have seen that one - doh!