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CF7 is not Validated

GianlucaM , January 16 2021, 14:56
GianlucaM 2
January 16 2021, 14:56 #395685
I would like to validate CF7 on a local network, but I have the error shown in the attached image. How can I fix it?
Thanks in advance.errore_CF7.png
admin 32
January 17 2021, 08:08 #395687
your local server is not online or can not connect to our servers!
GianlucaM 2
January 17 2021, 18:44 #395690
I think it is the second reason. The corporate network is able to access the internet. Joomla can receive updates and install extensions. Does this mean that if I purchase the license I will not be able to use it anyway? How can I fix it?
admin 32
January 18 2021, 02:26 #395692
then most propably your curl on the server is not enabled OR there is a specific list of allowed domains and our server should be added to the list!