icons are not showing in Basic Article List Demo table

shahabpk , December 09 2020, 20:05
shahabpk 96
December 09 2020, 20:05 #395245
I was exploring the Basic Article List demo form to understand the concepts of chronoform 7. But as shown in the attached screen shot, The Published coloumn icons are displayed in neither Admin view or Front View. Instead actual values are displayed there like 0 or -2. What could be the problem? Is it because of conflict with my Joomla theme? Chronoform 7 Version v7.0.6
admin 33
December 23 2020, 03:04 #395472
this is a bug in the last update and is fixed in the next one 7.0.7
shahabpk 96
December 23 2020, 16:20 #395496
Thank you Max.
I thought it was a problem on our side since there was no reply for long.
admin 33
December 24 2020, 03:26 #395500
apologies for the late reply!
jmgroud 172
July 12 2021, 10:14 #396808
For me icons are displayed but without colors...
Why ?
Is this a bug too ?
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