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CF7 read DB field data and display on other field select then update DB field when form submit

crealiagroup , October 21 2020, 06:21
crealiagroup 49
October 21 2020, 06:21 #394434
This is my scenario.
3 open days to let parents and childrens visit the school. On each day the school will hosts max 80 person per visit and on each day will be 2 visits (3.00PM and 5.00PM).
Userscan book the visit choosing the day and time. Also he can choose how many people will attend with him. So for example a user can make a booking for him and his 2 children, so 3 people in total.
So now, 80-3=77. This is the available seats remaining for a day for a session. I want to show this remaining number (77), so that other people can see how many remaining seats are available. Also, when the counter number is zero I want to disable the session option for that day.
We already created the form and major parts, we cannot understand how in CF7 we can read and display the relative remaining seats number, how to update these values according to user selection when submit form and disable relative option when each counter are 0.
If anyone able to solve it in 1 day, please contact us.