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Validation keys for Chronoforms 7

nilubon03 , September 15 2020, 15:39
nilubon03 124
September 15 2020, 15:39 #393870
I have Chronoforms 4 with validation key since 2013. I want to recreate my forms in Chronoforms 7. Do I need to purchase a new subscription to get a new validation key for Chronoforms 7?
admin 32
September 16 2020, 13:50 #393890
Yes, v7 requires a key generated in 2019 or later!
grantdigital 72
November 18 2020, 02:05 #394897
Same question I have an order from 2017 for 999 keys but I can't use Chronoforms v7 because I get an error "ChronoFormsv7 can NOT be validated by keys generated before 2019!". Why can't I revalidate my domains and update the keys needed on the sites?
admin 32
November 18 2020, 03:53 #394899
Hi grant,
there is no easy solution for that, we will have to reset your keys if you like!
And with the new master key feature, it will not be a problem for you managing your keys, you just need to register the domains again!
grantdigital 72
November 18 2020, 04:47 #394901
Hi Max
I think it would be nice to be able to delete our previous validations from the My Validations page, so we can register them again
admin 32
November 18 2020, 08:33 #394902
Actually there was a key code problem, the v7 date limit is 1Jan2019 for the key's order date, but not the key's date, so orders placed in 2017 which can still be used now still can not be used to validate v7, they can only be used for v6 and previous versions!
So you will need a new order in order to validate v7, you can validate the same domain when you select a different order from the orders dropdown!
tschoch 25
December 04 2020, 20:38 #395157
Hi, I have an unlimited lifetime that was purchased before 2019 as well. How do we get CFv7 codes without purchasing a new license?
admin 32
December 05 2020, 01:22 #395161
It's under the same rule, v7 requires a 2019 or later subscription, but your existing subscription should be still working for v6 or earlier!
If you are going to buy more than 3 keys for v7 then we can give you a disocunt, please use the Contact page to discuss this!
tschoch 25
December 05 2020, 15:56 #395175
Thanks for the reply - Is there a way to downgrade back to CFv5? I was not aware that upgrading CF would take it to 7 and cause these issues. Now my CF5 forms do not show at all on the site and would rather just go back to CFv5 for now until we can plan a controlled upgrade of our forms.
admin 32
December 07 2020, 01:12 #395197
on Joomla you can have both versions installed without issues, but on WordPress you can only upgrade to v7 and there is no downgrade (it's a WP repo rule to force one version of any plugin)
around 70% of the form features are available in the free version and should work fine without validation!