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scion371 , September 15 2020, 10:46
scion371 27
September 15 2020, 10:46 #393864
I am having enormous difficulty in getting a form to send...
This is a simple enquiry form, which was imported from v5 and sets up the details such as reCaptcha etc with problems but does not send.
The version 5 works just fine but updating the PHP creates problems...
In the absence of any helping documentation could you help get this to work.
Please advise.
admin 33
September 16 2020, 22:00 #393913
The simplest form is to create a new "contact form", add some fields and save, that will create a basic form which will send an email to the admin and show a message and store form data to the datalog.
But a form imported from v5 should also work almost the same way it did in v5
We are preparing some videos for v7
scion371 27
September 21 2020, 15:20 #394001
Thanks for the response, but I am still struggling to get the V7 to send data.
The video tutorial would be a great help. The sooner the better...
admin 33
September 21 2020, 15:33 #394003
A simple contact form does not send for you ?
katmel98 1
March 07 2021, 10:28 #396106
Sorry but I'm totally new to Chronoforms and I'm trying to use V7. Is there any kind of documentation that allow me to create and learn how all the framework works?
I've found the V6 manual, BUT it have too few similarities with V7 functionality. I'm trying for the past two weeks to start to work with this interesting module in Joomla, but it is really really hard to start. BTW, I saw all youtube videos related but it lacks a lot of functionality. Could you guide me on how to work with it?
admin 33
April 22 2021, 17:30 #396288
please check the v7 videos for basic functionality, then you may post questions or search the forums about other features!