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Distinc Permision doesn't work

Kinuiapp , June 01 2020, 15:19
Kinuiapp 26
June 01 2020, 15:19 #392874
Hi, I configured each forum with different permission, but it doesn't work. It only work when I gave the permission in Global configuration.
I already have the option in settings on Eneble distinct forum permission. I don't know if I need to configure something else?
admin 33
June 01 2020, 16:00 #392879
still the global permission should be allowed, or it will deny everything!
Kinuiapp 26
June 01 2020, 17:13 #392884
The problem is each forum have already the permision but dont work I always get the message "You don't have enought permissions to access the forums"
If I go to Global configuration and configure there the permision it works, but the problem is that I can restrict the permision per forum.
Hope you can help
Kinuiapp 26
June 01 2020, 17:22 #392885
Hi, I resolve the issue, it was my mistake, with the user groups. Thanks