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Chronoforms Compatibility with Joomla 4 (Alpha, I know)

mapme , January 03 2020, 16:07
mapme 114
January 03 2020, 16:07 #390545
We are looking to plan ahead for the big Joomla V4 upgrade over the next year. While the latest version of Joomla 4 is only an Alpha release, I decided to try and install Chronoforms V4 and V6, both of which we use to a large degree. Installation results as follows:
-> V4 installed, but won't work... as in, it says it installed successfully but then just shows a "JSubMenuHelper" page error.
-> V6 won't install at all and breaks the site for me.
I get that Joomla 4 is currently only an Alpha release, but it raises the question about compatibility for CF users down the line. In particular, Chronoforms V4 is a potential major problem as I assume Max will not be maintaining this for Joomla 4?
Any thoughts, suggestions or has anyone else considered testing on Joomla 4 (with better results)?

healyhatman 9
January 03 2020, 22:48 #390549
I assume v6 will eventually get ported over, but I extremely highly doubt he's going to bother with v4. I certainly wouldn't.
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peppelaria 175
September 18 2021, 10:22 #397098
Hi. I have some Joomla website using chronofoms (4, 5, 6 and 7). Have you planned a date to make chronofoms work with joomla 4?