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Event Switcher doesn't see '0' events

healyhatman , October 15 2019, 10:35
healyhatman 9
October 15 2019, 10:35 #389568
When using an event switcher, it fails to pick up the event when the data source is 0.
Create form with field (radio, text, whatever)
Have an event switcher set to {data:fieldname} with events 1, 0, and * in the submit event
On submit, the event switcher will capture the "1", but if the field is set to 0 it will instead go to the default * event. This is the case even if you simply put 0 in the data source directly.
If you set the event to capture /0/ it will work
Note: in this case the * is last, to prevent it from capturing the event
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