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Blog, help and other request

gix.vax , September 28 2019, 20:34
gix.vax 156
September 28 2019, 20:34 #389351
hi all
some little request
- I can see, in Blog of this site, that updates are explained only for CF6.
Is possible for CC6 too?
- Is possible to put something like tooltips on every filed in view, function etc that explain better the use of each?
- I can't see block section in CC6, will be put there in future?
- Is possible to ampliate the shortcode section (with more explanation) and put in CC6 too?
thank for this great plugin.
healyhatman 9
September 29 2019, 01:19 #389352
I give away a shortcode reference on my website. All the shortcodes will work in both CC and CF.
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