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Tabbing with radio and checkboxes

coughlin , May 23 2019, 19:36
coughlin 92
May 23 2019, 19:36 #387025
I have a form with a grid area with 3 columns. When I tab, all text fields are in the correct order: down column one, then down column two, then down column three. However, I have one field that is a radio that is skipped by keyboard navigation. I also have a checkboxes field which is also totally skipped by keyboard.
This presents a problem not just in efficiency but also with WCAG accessibility.
I checked all field settings and do not see where I could change anything regarding tab order. Is this a bug? Help?!
coughlin 92
May 24 2019, 15:57 #387035
Can anyone else verify that keyboard navigation with radio and checkbox elements does not work?
healyhatman 7
May 26 2019, 23:22 #387043
Yes I can confirm this too. Not sure why it's happening, will have to wait for Max to see it
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coughlin 92
May 28 2019, 12:22 #387084
Can we get a response from someone at Chrono? Five days of silence. Can we confirm that this is an issue?
admin 27
May 29 2019, 09:16 #387111
Confirmed, to be fixied in the next update!
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