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How to define a block in CC6

NickOg , May 10 2019, 22:11
NickOg 925
May 10 2019, 22:11 #386748
I see reference to blocks in Views|Custom but can't find where to create blocks.
The Block option shown in CF6 isn't visible in CC6. Are blocks available to be created in CC6??
samir1903 185
May 10 2019, 23:10 #386751
just thinking to ask same question today
jmgroud 149
March 05 2020, 08:44 #391509
Me too... No response... You too... Samir1903 too... ??!!?!!
NickOg, did you manage to get an answer? Do you have an explanation? A solution ?
Moi aussi... Pas de réponse... Toi aussi... Samir1903 aussi... ??!!?!!
NickOg, as-tu réussi à avoir une réponse ? As-tu une explication ? Une solution ?
Le peu que je sais est occulté par le trop que je ne sais pas...
(The little that I know is overshadowed by the too much that I don't know ...)