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How to get an invoice with fiscal data?

comunicante , May 08 2019, 08:48
comunicante 11
May 08 2019, 08:48 #386635
Sorry, maybe this is not the right place for this - but I have tried to contact you 3 times from the contact page, but I had no answer.
We need a receipt with tax data (your address, VAT, etc.), but on 2checkout's receipt these are not there.
We looked in our account, but we don't find an invoice to download - and we didn't receive anything via email.
In the profile page there is not even a place to insert the company name and VAT, and there was not in the CheckOUT module.
Having no response from you we also asked to Checkout, but they tell us to ask you...
What is the procedure for having an invoice with all the data?
PS: fel free to delete this post... but pleage give us an answer!
GreyHead 64
May 08 2019, 10:04 #386641
Hi comunicante,
Sending Max a direct request is the right way to solve this. I don't know why he hasn't replied yet :-(
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
comunicante 11
May 21 2019, 15:26 #386997
I sent 2 more requests using the form, but without any reply. I also used a different email address, fearing for some reason that it ended up in spam.
However, I still haven't had any direct answers, just the automatic reply of the form.
Is there no other way to contact Max?
admin 28
May 27 2019, 15:51 #387065
Hi comunicante,
I sent you an email earlier!
Best regards
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