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TCPDF and php 7.1+ - multiple links in pdf not working

bensonley 117
March 03 2019, 15:01 #384377
I've noticed when upgrading from php7.0.x to 7.1+ that any pdfs created appear fine, except for ones that contain multiple links on the pdf. the first link always works fine but any subsequent links just appear as non-clicnable even though tohe frmatting seems correct there is no link.
I've done a bit of research and found this page: - not sure how relevant it is but the symtoms are the same.
Is there a planned update for this or a fix I can quickly implement?

bensonley 117
February 11 2020, 18:12 #391140
Ok came back to this issue recently and have found a solution. Just need to update the tcpdf library files found here:
That fixes it ( and probably some other issues as teh version we use is very old ). If you need a more detailed explanation then reply and i'll post which files need to be overwritten / added.
jpoulos 1
July 13 2020, 17:16 #393363
Thanks for posting this! Can you advise as to the files I need to update?
fmerz 1
January 04 2021, 14:28 #395570
Hi bensonley,
Do you still remember which files need to be replaced/added to TCPDF to fix the above problem?
I have the same problem and would highy appreciate your help.