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chronoforms in login area problem

g.pierini , December 11 2018, 08:52
g.pierini 16
December 11 2018, 08:52 #382146
Dearest all,
I've got a problem with a form, once I've logged into the area I get the area from which I select the different services. sometimes it happens that users get appear to be disconnected, the site asks for a double login. once they've done it all works perfectly. I'd like to avoid the double login as in backend I've got 2 users with the same username logged in and it doesn't make any sense!
Thanks in advance to whom will help me.
GreyHead 64
December 11 2018, 10:21 #382150
Hi Giacomo,
I'm not clear what is happening here. If you are using a ChronoForm then you can add an Event Switcher to the OnLoad event to check if the user is already logged in - if they are then don't show the login form.
ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
g.pierini 16
December 11 2018, 10:25 #382151
Hi bob,
I'll try to be as clear as possible: some times users have to follow this procedure
login --> reserved area --> click on contact form link --> asks for login --> user does login another time --> the form opens itself --> submit --> logout
What I'd like is:
login --> reserved area --> click on contact form link --> fill in the form --> submit --> logout
The second login isn't asked if the user logs back in a second time after having disconnected himself.
thanks bunches,
g.pierini 16
December 11 2018, 11:06 #382152
I found the problem: I'm using Page Builder to administer my site, on one section setting I put as url "https://mywebsite/form" and on this section "https://www.mywebsite/form/" this is what was causing the login request, now all works perfectly, thanks for your kindness and availabilty Bob!