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Your ChronoForms installation on is NOT validated

Windmill , February 27 2018, 20:44
Windmill 1
February 27 2018, 20:44 #375738
Hi Greyhead
I just changed to a new server, when I try to install it gives me the following message: Your ChronoForms installation on203.170.87.177is NOT validated.
Why is it doing this to me?
admin 28
February 28 2018, 03:51 #375741
Hi Windmill,
If the domain name has changed then the validation will reset, did you validate before using a key for this IP address ? if not then please use a key for this IP or access your website using the same domain name of the key.
Please send me a message using the contact page since its better to discuss any validation issues in private.
Best regards
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