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Forms showing 404 error on submit

directivemsp , December 30 2017, 15:02
directivemsp 89
December 30 2017, 15:02 #374306
Hello Support
We are using chronoform for wp in our site

When we submit the form its shows 404 error and no email is trigged
I have tried both display message and redirect but having same error.

I have attached the form.
admin 32
January 12 2018, 15:16 #374527
Hi directivemsp,

Nothing wrong with the form except that the "redirect" is sending the browser to a non existing page, please try to remove the redirect from the form setup and test again ? any changes ?

Best regards
directivemsp 89
January 12 2018, 15:27 #374528
Hi Max,
Our site is not live yet.
I am aware of Joomla's chronoform.
I have same configuration on the form.
The form is working when we use Ajax submit.
But we don't want ajax since we want to redirect after form submit.
Also even if we don't redirect form only want to show message, its still giving same error.
What I have debug till now is that the "event" on url is not working and we have this when form submits.