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Joomla Header does not appear when i use CF6 or CC6

minakara , December 23 2017, 07:13
minakara 20
December 23 2017, 07:13 #374230

My header do not appear on the page where I use CF6 and CC6.
1- scrennshot of my header
2- scrennshot when do not appear
3- source html where header do not appear (grey!)

I do not have this problem with CF5 and CC5.

Thank you for your help
minakara 20
December 23 2017, 13:31 #374231
When i disable the plugin ChronoengineGcore2 the header appear!!
So i think it's something with ChronoengineGcore2 that is incorrect.
admin 28
December 27 2017, 17:49 #374267
Hi minakara,

Yes, this is a problem which should be fixed in the next update, it does not happen on most templates, only under specific conditions, but the plugin should always be enabled for Chronoforms6 to function properly!

Best regards
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