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Cronoform 6 - User registration. How configure the odule

mushino , October 08 2017
I need help in order to configure "Save User" module in Setup tab.
As showed in picture, there are fields for "Name field provider" etc...
But if I write the field_name as used in the module, Joomla creates a new user named as filed_name, not with content of this.
So, I have a new user called "name" with username "username", password "password" and email "email".

For the reast, the module works fine and data are correctly stored in DB.

Thanks to all for help.
Hi mushino,

Apologies for the late reply here!

You should use the shortcodes as explained in the FAQs:

so you should use {data:username} if your field name is "username"

Best regards
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