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Contact form that will create & send xml files as an attachment.

Dallasjmoore , December 14 2016
This project is for an aerial photographer who needs a contact form that allows the user to draw a polygon area on a google map and send that data to him as a .kml and .gpx attachment. That way he can simply import the .kml or .gpx file into Google Earth. His old form with a previous developer is here Its being run through an iframe. Basically I want to recreate it so we can ditch the iframe and make it responsive but I'm not sure how to make it generate the .kml (xml) and .gpx (also xml) attachments.
Hi Dallasjmoore,

I don't know about .gpx files but I have built XML files from custom code in the past. You use a Custom Code action and the PHP XML methods - it's a little tedious but not difficult,

. . . looks as though a GPX file is a specialised form of XML so that the same applies.

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