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Submission with and without.

superdmon , July 21 2016
Hi there,

I've created a rather large and complicated multi-page form for a local Air Force museum (they're a client). They've requested a form be setup so that they can process both credit cards and also take cash/check donations at their entrance area.

The roadblock I'm running into is that they're using to take credit card donations but I need a completely separate submit action to send out just an email and redirect.

This seemed easy enough in theory but I can't seem to figure out how to differentiate the two separate actions needed.

Any assistance anyone could provide would be great. Thank you.
I noticed I forgot to mention that this is Chronoforms v5 on Joomla 3.6.0.
Hi superdmon,

Use an Event Switcher action to handle this (and most other similar situations where you want 'conditional' behaviour.

There are a couple of ways to do it. In both of them you want to add code to the Event Switcher to detect the selected payment option.

+ You can use the Event Switcher events to contain the actions that differ, for example in an 'anet' action you have the Gateway action; and in the 'cash' action you add the Email action. After that you continue to the succeeding actions after the Event Switcher e.g. DB Save, Email . . .

+ You can use the Event Switcher to redirect to different form events (or different forms) to handle the alternative actions. Quite likely this is the better solution here,

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