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Looking to hire CF Developer (Buy user points through CF using Stripe)

mapme , May 31 2016

I recently posted this project on UpWork here:
(Login for UpWork required).

The job spec is as follows:


We use Chronoforms for a Joomla application and we now wish to extend this to allow our registered users to buy alpha/alta user points from within a Chronoforms V5 environment.

We are looking for a Joomla developer who has experience with Chronoforms V5 to develop this process based on the following user journey:
1. User loads a Chronoform that has a slider that allows them to pick the amount of user points they wish to purchase. The units increased in specified values of 1000 up to a maximum of 20000 so there are 20 possible slider values.
2. The unit price is set within the form and this is used to calculate a proposed cost before payment is attempted. VAT and the Stripe fee charge are also itemised so the buyer sees a total cost sub-total before committing to buying the credits.
3. Once a user selects the number of points they require, there is a "Buy Now" button underneath. By clicking this it opens up the Stripe payment integration - preferably this would look something like the default Stripe popup widget.
4. The product description is dynamically created and is based on a concatenated string of "UserID - Username - CreditAmount - Website Name" (eg, "". These values can be called from either a custom action or as hidden fields in the form. The buyer's email address is also passed from a hidden field so they do not need to enter this in the Stripe form.
5. When a user makes a successful payment the details from above are stored in Stripe. Meanwhile the "Successful Payment" Chronoform is loaded and the following takes place: Alpha/Alta User Points data is updated (CF DB Save Action) with the new value (original value + purchased amount = new value). After a successful payment the user is redirected to a specific "Payment Received" URL (Chronoforms Redriect User Action)
6. A standalone log table is also maintained outside of Alpha User Points that catagloues each payment and includes User ID, payment date, opening point balance, points added, closing point balance, payment description, etc. This is carried out using the Chronoforms DB Save Action.
7. Failed payments are cataloged and an email is triggered to the customer's email address. The site admin is CC'ed on this. This is carried out using the Chronoforms Email Action.
8. The cost values and Unit Price per ppoint, VAT rate and payment fee values must be configurable from within the form code, preferably as a hidden field or within the JavaScript.

There is no need for any backend functionality outside of the Chronoforms process. This can be done in-house by site administrators. The above functionality must be carried out using Chronoforms CF V5. The form must display correctly on desktop and mobile/tablet devices. This should work on Joomla 3.5.1.

Deliverable as follows:
1. Various Stripe files to be installed on the server
2. Chronoforms as follows:
i = Order Page
ii = Response form page for successful payments (update user points in DB, store payment log details)
iii = Response form page for unsuccessful payments (send email to buyer and site admin)
3. Initial period of tech support for any bugs/issues after installation.

If anyone is interested then please DM me.
I understand it is possible to buy user points through Virtuemart or other shop plugins but I am hoping to have this as customized as possible so the various CF actions help a lot.


Hi Brendan,

Let me know if you get stuck with this or need some help with the CF parts.

You do realise that the VAT part is very difficult indeed as I think it falls under VATMOSS.

ChronoForms technical support
If you'd like to buy me a coffee or two, thank you very much
Hi Bob,

I'm looking at this as something I will probably nail down 60% but the remaining 40% (most likely in Custom Code areas) would cause me to fail at this. If you're keen to take this on as a fully outsourced project then please let me know your availability.