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v5 form to v6 migration guide

Published: Friday, 26 May 2017 14:31

At the moment of writing this article, there is no full automatic migration from v5 to v6, but the notes below should help moving v5 forms to v6:

  1. Both versions can work on the same website, so its better to have v6 installed and used for building new forms.
  2. Import your v5 form(s) and restore them on v6, only the designer section will be added and not 100%.
  3. Any $form->data calls in v5 custom code should be replaced by $this->data
  4. Any dynamic fields values calls in v5 like {field_name} should be changed to {data:field_name} in v6
  5. The containers in v5 has been changed to "Areas" in v6 and many more features have been added, areas can contain single fields or other ares, this depends on your form needs.
  6. Multi fields will not be moved with the v6 importer, you will have to rebuild them using a "Multi fields" area in v6.
  7. The "Event switcher" in v6 works differently, instead of supplying it with code whcih returns the desired event name, you supply it with a variable call which may return any of the events names you choose, if you have some code which is supposed to do this check then use a PHP action and return the value you want, then get the returned value using the {var:php_function_name} call.
  8. PHP is no longer supported in the email body, use a Php action or a Custom code action if you need this feature and then call the returned value in your email.