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The basics

Published: Sunday, 28 May 2017 07:09

Before using the new ChronoConnectivity v6 you should under the different areas of the extension in order to be able to use them correctly.


Events are like pages, the step at which the request is being processed, you can run specific tasks inside events including functions and/or display some output.

Events will run automtaically when you access a connection page with the event parameetr available in the request, for example link_to_connection&event=test will process the test event.

Inside events, you can call functions or views, or use any kind of variable shortcode: {fn:my_function_name} or {view:my_view_name} or {redirect:some_url}


The functions are resposible of any task being done, like reading or writing to the database, sending emails or communicating with other services, in most cases, a function execution will end in a result, this result is accessible using a variable shortcode, the result can be accessed using PHP code, but the shortcodes can be used everywhere more easily, where the PHP code is only usable inside PHP functions or HTML views.

For example, after calling a function named read_data1, the result is available under {var:read_data1} and can be used as the "Data provider" for a table view or anywhere else.


The views are used for displaying a specific output, most of the time you are able to feed the view with some dynamic data, in the form of a variable shortcode.