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How can I create a Joomla! Registration?

Published: Tuesday, 03 December 2013 12:56
ChronoForms has good support for registering users in ChronoForms and in Community Builder (CB) using the Joomla! Registration action

This tutorial will take you through the steps to create a Joomla! Registration Form. It will mimic the functions of the default Joomla! form.

Making your own Joomla! Registration Form will give you greater control over the appearance and placement of the registration form and you can also add instructions, tooltips and custom html.

1. Create a new form using the Form Wizard and add 5 Text Boxes and a Submit Button. These data fields will correspond to the standard Joomla! regstration fields.

2. Edit each Text Box in turn, adding the Field Name, Field ID and Label Text. These values can be anything you choose, but for simplicity it’s better to use the standard Joomla! field names (name, username, email, password). If you want, you can add some instructions. Do not forget to click the “Apply” tab before closing each popup window.

3. At this point it’s a good idea to go to Form Settings, give your form a name and Save it. You can then return to the Preview tab and check that all the information is as you require.

4. Now you can set the Actions for the form. Click on the Actions tab and drag a Show html action into the On Load area. Then drag a Joomla Registration action into the On Submit area, the registration action can be found under the "Joomla functions" section.

5. Edit the Registration action to set the Fields to the field names that you gave them.

6. Click the Settings tab and make sure that the Usertype is what you want it to be and that the other parameters are set as you wish. Click “Apply” to save the changes and close the popup window.

7. You must now drag an Event Loop action into the OnFail area of the Registration action. The Event Loop will reshow the form if any errors occurred.

8. Save and Close your form. You can now select Frontend view and use the form.

9. In newer versions of Joomla (J2.5/J3), you may need to point the "Activation link" under the Joomla registration settings to a new event in your form, just setup a new event in your form and name it "verify" for example, then drag a "User activation" action there, this step is only required if the user is going to activate his account, that's because teh default Joomla activation procedure may not work if the new user registration setting is disabled under the Users manager.