I stand with Eva Kaili

Written Feb 18, 2023 16:28
Eva Kaili, 44, is a Greek MEP and a member of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement

I stand with Eva Kaili

This super nice woman was arrested on "corruption charges", they make you feel that she is the only corrupted person in this corrupted age, where injustice and double standards are everywhere, or that she is the only official to take a small gift, 600K!!, what's that compared to the billions stolen from poor nations every day?

Do you even know what the israelis are doing or are preparing for "everyone" at this moment ? while humilating a weak woman!
Read "Protocols of the elders of zion"

Prophet Mohammed said: "one of the greatest sins of previous nations, was that, if the strong stole, nobody does anything to him/her, but when the weak steals, he/she gets punished."

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