I stand with Eva Kaili

Eva Kaili, 44, is a Greek MEP and a member of the Panhellenic Socialist Movement

I stand with Eva Kaili

This super nice woman was arrested on "corruption charges", they make you feel that she is the only corrupted person in this corrupted age, where injustice and double standards are everywhere, or that she is the only official to take a small gift, 600K!!, what's that compared to the billions stolen from poor nations every day?

Do you even know what the israelis are doing or are preparing for "everyone" at this moment ? while humilating a weak woman, Read "Protocols of the elders of zion"

According to the book, Israel should rule the world, and all nations look to it as the absolute model, but what does this mean ? it means the failure of everything else, all religions, cultures and any other source of pride.

But is not this what is happening now ? religions are being pushed away, strong social leaders are disappearing without a return, even good actors and good movies are not anymore, meanwhile the highest ranks are speaking about UFOs, although there are no UFOs, why ? because UFOs are not mentioned in any holybook, so the more people who believe in them, the more lost souls they get, amazing.

And if you did not notice, the middle east is in flames, this is intentional, I'm living in Egypt.

but why is the middle east so bad ? because they want everyone to see islam as a failure, and before that they made the church fail, and now they are attacking the origins of human values, so that the world is ready for the savior from the bloodline of David, although they do not respect David as msulims respect him.

And if you do not know about me, they have targeted me 10 years ago, till this day, with all kinds of fear and terror, and ruined the rich Egyptian society, because Egypt & Syria are supposed to be ruined early in their plan.

The people of Egypt, one of the few arab/muslim countries not yet runied by some war, are living in fear and economic misery, they do not know that their neighbors, are behind all the tragedy, and I have tried to ask everyone I could reach to help me without any help, even in first world countries like Germany, Turkey, Malaysia and UAE, they did not let me have any peace and deprived me of getting help, they move people and officials like "puppets", it's clear that they are controlling all the intelligence agencies around the world.

Prophet Mohammed said: "one of the greatest sins of previous nations, was that, if the strong stole, nobody does anything to him/her, but when the weak steals, he/she gets punished."

Is this a mix between religion and business ? well, religion is the rules of God and God is the source of everything, so nothing is wrong at all here.

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