V4 - Formatted text problem when saving

davency 18 Jul, 2014

I got a problem with the formatted text element.

After configuring it I try to save the form. But Joomla gets back to the main admin panel and no changes are saved. The element doesn't even appear in the form when I get back to the wizard.

Any ideas what happens here?

Kind regards. 😀
GreyHead 19 Jul, 2014
Hi davency,

The Formatted Text element won't accept double quotes if you are using attributes like style=" ... " use single quotes instead.

or, better, use the Custom Element element from the Advanced Group which isn't so fussy.

davency 19 Jul, 2014
Hi Bob.

Well, I've figured out the problem.

My PHP vars were still set on 1000. I've changed that in the php.ini and it works right now. :o

Thanks for you answer, I'll keep that in mind too.

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