Simple quoting system with dropdown lists

DamirK 09 Jul, 2014
I need some directions...

I am trying to create a quote system where people choose width and height using drop-down lists.
So basically I would need to create it so that "if width=1000 & height=1500 price=500$".

I have created 2 drop down lists with their all options, but not sure what to do next.
Should I create a container or custom field, with a PHP code with "if" statements...? (sorry I am not a programer)

Next step would be adding an option for multiple items, so TOTAL can be calculated.
GreyHead 10 Jul, 2014
Hi DamirK,

It sounds as though the neatest way to do this will be with Custom JavaScript that will do the calculations 'on-the-fly' and display a result. As with all JavaScript calculations you should them probably repeat them using PHP after the form submits as a security check.

You will need some help from someone with some coding experience to get this to work smoothly.

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