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jj135 28 Mar, 2012
Hi, Maybe this is to much of a newbie question, but I just can't seem to find it... I would like to be able to edit the records of the list in the backend. I see a delete button on the admin list, but no edit possibilities. I gues I have to select the form I created with Chronoforms at the dropdown list at 'Admin editing -> Admin Form' but this list is empty, not showing my form... I states: "Your form "app" should be "ChronoConnectivity" (CASE SENSITIVE) in order for it to be listed here." But I don't know what that means 😶 What is mu form "app"? Where do it set this to accomplish what I want?

GreyHead 28 Mar, 2012
Hi jj135,

The latest release of ChronoForms has a new 'Application' attribute that in essence lets you group your forms into sets or 'applications' and display just that group in the Forms Manager. Set the Application on he Form General tab I think.

jj135 05 Apr, 2012
Thanks for your reply GreyHead. But now I still don't know how to add the ability to edit records in the backend. Is this possible? And how do i set this up?
GreyHead 05 Apr, 2012
Hi jj135,

Sorry I don't know; I haven't needed - or had the time - to dig into the new version of CC much yet. If you work it out please let us know. Max did say that he was planning to write a help tab but I haven't seen anything yet.

jj135 05 Apr, 2012
Ok thanks. I'll wait and see what happens... I'm just not sure if this tool is at this moment the best way to go to accomplish what I need in my particular situation. It's a bit confusing and some things are not working or missing. To bad, because it really seems to be a great tool for some specific needs. But I guess that's inherent to a Release Candidate version.

But thanks for replying anyway. It's better to get an answer without as an actual solution the no reply at all :wink:
Max_admin 08 Apr, 2012

Sorry, I still didn't add a "Help" tab because there were still few minor tweaks I need to take care of first, however, RC2 should be more stable now.

You should select your form from the dropdown (it will not appear until you set your form "App" to "ChronoConnectivity"), then your form will appear either when you click the "Edit" toolbar button or when you click the and editable field link.

Your "on load" event in that form should have the "Show HTML" action.

ChronoForms developer...
Did you try ChronoMyAdmin for managing your Joomla database tables ?
jj135 10 Apr, 2012
Hi Max,

I set my FORM to the 'ChronoConnectivity' App now. I thought the CONNECTION had to be this App. After putting my form in the app I could choose it in the connection settings.

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