email verification -- where to put it/order?

gemlog 23 Mar, 2012
I've just bought both your book (haven't got it yet, as it was only an hour ago) and another 3 subs from max for the same non-prof domains as before. I say this by way of encouragement in answering my latest flurry of questions :-)

Scanning the TOC, I don't think this is addressed? Sorry if it is in the book, but if it isn't...

It looks to be a lot more flexible than the old way, I just don't where to drag and drop etc. I suck at meta lang guis for some reason.
GreyHead 23 Mar, 2012
Hi gemlog,

You'll need to drag and drop the action into the On Submit event of your form. Just where it goes in the action sequence depends on wht else you have there.

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