How to enable field validation so that an error displays?

jpschwartz 19 Mar, 2012
I'm using V4 on J2.5.3. I've set some fields to be "required." I've enabled JS Validation. Still, when I submit the form without any data entered, the screen jumps to the position of the first required field (a checkbox) but doesn't display any message about what's needed.

My browsers are Firefox for Mac and Safari.

Any advice?

GreyHead 20 Mar, 2012
Hi Jim,

This sounds like a CSS problem - we’ve seen it before when the form has a z-index set and the error bubbles are effectively set behind the form.

jpschwartz 20 Mar, 2012

The problem was totally my fault. It's too embarrassing to describe.

Thanks for being there for me.

One little thing you might note: The JS language file for validation of radio buttons says, "Please select a radio." Clearly we don't want users selecting "radios." I changed my file to say "Please select an option."

Best regards,

rowby 10 Sep, 2013
For those interested.....

To change "Please select a radio" go to your language file, located in this folder


In my case the file is named en.js

and change radio: to whatever you want

I changed it to radios: "Please make a selection",

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