How To create registration form for multiple registrations

StefanTwigt 17 Feb, 2012
Hi there,

I'm very pleased with ChronoForms, I can do more with it than with any other program.
What I would like to do is create a registration form, I got one, and it's working fine.
This registrations is for individuals, now I'd also like to have a registration for companies, in which they can leave their own info (address etc.) but in which they can add more than 1 individual at a time. For example company A would like to register 10 individuals, I need a single form, containing text fields for the company data, but I also need a table or so, in which they can leave a list of people, with several different options. (per individual I want to know firstname, lastname, option1 and option2, it would be great if those options could be dropdownboxes from which they can choose an option).

Is this possible? I guess so, but can someone help me with this? Or direct me to a possible solution?

thanks in advance!
GreyHead 18 Feb, 2012
Hi Stefan,

This is possible but has to be hand-coded; the Joomla! Registration plug-in will only register the current user. It's not too difficult to take the code from that (or the com_user component where it came from) and modify that to allow multiple registrations.

The rest of the form, including the options, is quite straightforward - though again it would need to be hand-coded to handle the repeating inputs.

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