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graemeking 09 Feb, 2012
Hi, complete newb here on both Chronoforms and Joomla. I have been looking through the forums, and I apologise if my question is basic, but I have been tearing my hair out here for something I know is easy to solve, but I cannot see it!

Anyway, my problem is this. I have created a form that records country information for various things. I have followed the tutorial, and I want to ensure that a country form that has data is returned when using the token. Now, the token I chose to use is Country_Name as there should only be one record per country. The reason I did not use cf_uid is that I will have to bulk load in a lot of records, and I don't know how to update the cf_uid on update.

The token is set as Country, with parameter Country. When I go to manually edit the url to take me to the country form, it does this but does not return the data associated with the record.

I have two questions:
1) What have I missed in order to return the result?
2) How could I load data, ensuring that the cf_uid field gets populated?

I hope this is clear??

graemeking 09 Feb, 2012
Sorry, I forgot to add that I am using Chronoform 4.
GreyHead 10 Feb, 2012
Hi graemeking,

I'm finding this a bit hard to follow. I assume that you are using the DB Record Loader action? and that the column name that you want to query on is Country_Name and the URL Request parameter is Country?

Then you need Country_Name in the DB Field box; Country in the Request Param box; and the URL to call the form should include e.g. &Country=France

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